Jackson Stamping and Mfg.


Combined Laser Cutting, Chemical Machining and EDM

We offer In-house stamping using power presses and fourslide machines offers flexibility and increased capabilities to satisfy customer requirements. STMC houses a variety of metal stamping machines with stamping capabilities up to 100 tons.

Jackson Stamping + Mfg

Around since 2020, in for the long haul. We have the most advanced machinery in western PA!

Services offered

Photo Chemical Etching

photo chemical

Services offered

Laser Welding

Laser Welding as a solution to many of its customers' requirements, including Medical, Electronics, Automotive and Aerospace. 

Services offered

CNC Machining

At Jackson Stamping and Manufacturing, our full-service manufacturing and machine shop offers CNC machining


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Jackson Stamping + MFG

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